Why a Professional?

Did you know that injuries in the home, such as from poisoning, hurt more than 6.5 million people each year? Your safety is our first priority. Remove the stress of having to store and apply pesticides inside the home using a responsible professional you can trust. Don't just call an exterminator, call an Alterra professional today.

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The misapplication of chemicals can cause the formation of new nests and potentially contaminate your environment. Our professionals are trained to identify pest threats and treat the areas of your home most susceptible to pest activity. Alterra has the technology and training needed to not only treat pest symptoms, but rectify pest problems at their source. Our dedication to safety ensures a custom-tailored solution best for your family, pets and the environment.


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"Ever since Alterra has performed their first spraying of pests I have not only noticed a difference in our spider, ant, cockroach problem, I have also been pleased to see a company that strives in customer service and professionalism. Each service pro that has come to my home has been polite, well groomed and wearing their uniform in an appropriate manner. They have been easy to understand and are also very knowledgeable about their work. All of your employees, on the phone and in person are very personal, nice, warm and just seem like very good people in a world where some questionable characters are working on homes these days. Alterra is a step above the rest! You let me know you are coming out, you are on time, knowledgeable, professional, and overall good Americans. Thank you!"
-Fred S., San Jose, CA