Ellie M., San Jose, CA

"My service pro really went out of his way to find those ants. His passion really showed through with his high level of detail. Best of all, my ants were gone by the next morning!"

Jill B., Kansas City, KS

"Alterra makes my home a safer place for my kids and pets. They dealt with my flea issue quickly and efficiently. I would refer them to anyone."

Karen H., Houston, TX

"When speaking with your receptionist it was as if she genuinely cared about my roach problem. Very hard to come by this type of empathy in today's world."

Jessica T., Salt Lake City, UT

"We love it when Mike services our home. He always makes us laugh and knows our pets by name. Excellent customer service."

Susan W., Sacramento, CA

"I appreciate how John keeps us informed after each service. He educated us about his spider treatment today and it really makes a world of difference."

Jerome W., Dallas, TX

"Alterra's service folks have lots of energy, and they got rid of our wasps problem on the first try. An absolute must for any home."

Felix J., San Jose, CA

"My service pro was friendly and got straight to work after we discussed the pest issues we have had. He made sure to ask where he shouldn't spray (where we plant fruits/vegetables, child concerns we had.) He took care of things that Orkin Pest Control previously had not, such as cleaning the eaves. Excellent customer service."

Barbara F., Houston, TX

"Gabriel was a very pleasant young man and did an excellent job. I couldn't have ask for more. I am an older person and he was kind to me and very helpful. You don't come across many young men like him very much now-a-days."

Debbie V., Kansas City, KS

"Dylan is a wonderful asset to your company. He was knowledgeable, friendly, and informative. I appreciate the time he took talking to me and showing me what he had found. He is an exceptional Service Pro!!! I would like to request Dylan to continue to service my home every time."

Ellie S., San Jose, CA

"Your service pro looked professional. Very thorough. I liked your services more than my former company Clark Pest Control."

Brett H., Washington D.C.

"My service pro made suggestions for preventing ants from coming into the home. He was also able to knock down a wasp nest that no other pest control has been able to do. Thank you for your service."

Ruth S., Salt Lake City, UT

"Your service pro was super nice, respectful, and very watchful for my belongings. He was even nice to my out-spoken kids. He seemed as if he loves what he does. I would rate him 11 out of 10!! You have a great employee on your hands!!"

Chis A., San Jose, CA

"I thought Mike, your sales representative was extremely personable and made me want to listen to him telling me about Alterra's service. He did not pressure me at all. He was very sincere and extremely friendly and polite. I felt confidence in him and in your service."

Victoria R., Austin, TX

"Your professional was excellent. He explained what he was doing, how it works, as well as confirmed what we were seeing inside and outside the house. I was most impressed by his professionalism, his knowledge of our pests, and the care he took while working in and around the house."

Ben U., San Jose, CA

"The Service Pro Ryan was dressed professionally, courteous, friendly and available to answer questions and concerns. He completes your team. Your business will continue to expand because of the customer service and professional attitude your company exudes. THANKS. We look forward to working with you and referring you to friends!"

Teresa N., Nashville, TN

"Your service pro was the nicest man I have met in a long time. I am 88 years old. I commend you for hiring Veterans. At no time did we feel he was trying to \"get in and out as fast as possible\". He was willing to spend as much time as needed to get the job done."

Jasmin W., St. Louis, MO

"James was very thorough in his work ethic and went the extra steps to get at potential pest problem areas. He was knowledgeable and pointed out specific examples of bug/pest life cycle's evident in my basement. And he did this all in a friendly and even humorous manner."

Wyatt L., Washington D.C.

"I have had Orkin's service for the past 41 years and have had excellent service from them. Your serviceman equaled the Orkin men in terms of knowledge of his product and professional demeanor."

John S., San Jose, CA

"Thank you Deon for your friendliness and professionalism. You introduced yourself and greeted me with a smile, and you answered all my questions. You took careful consideration of my plants and shrubs, making sure not to damage anything. You also tried your best to take care of problem areas even though I had a lot of things in the way of you reaching those areas. I appreciate you being so thorough in those difficult spots. Alterra should be very proud to have Deon as an employee. I wish all my service calls for home needs were as positive as the experience I have had with Alterra. Many Thanks!"

Debra W., Orange County, CA

"Our Service Pro, Jesse, was so kind. Every employee has been so outstanding--I am so impressed with this company! Not only have I had less pests, but also exceptional service. I look forward to when your company comes. Even the girls who answer the phone were so polite and helpful. I am truly impressed. Thank you for your service."

John F., Salt Lake City, UT

"Well dressed for the job, clean, cheerful and wore shoe covers when he came inside our home. I didn't see any offensive tattoos visible and he wore protective equipment as he did his job. He answered all of my questions in a professional manner. He fixed our ant problems, and was even nice to our dog!"

Emanuel G., Austin, TX

"I was so impressed with his professionalism and the friendly attitude your Service Pro portrayed. He answered my questions, explained everything he was doing and told me what to expect. He made me feel very comfortable and VERY thankful I had chosen Alterra."

Rebecca J., Washington D.C.

"I just want to say that William, the Service Pro did a fantastic job. Not only did he go above and beyond what I was used to with my previous pest control company, he traced the location of the outdoor ants and even killed the wasp's nest outside very quickly/professionally. I would like to use him or Service Pros like him in the future. William spent a long time and was very thorough and detail oriented when performing the services. Alterra is well worth it."

Shelly B., Dallas, TX

"We had been shopping around for a pest service but did not know who to go with. We had a Alterra sales associate stop by the house. Ronny (sales rep) was very helpful answering any questions and very professional. Randy (service pro) took care of everything that Ronny and I had discussed and I am very pleased with the quick and professional service. Will definitely be recommending this company to our neighbors."

Gabe M., Houston, TX

"He was very thorough wiping down the spider webs from my home's eaves and it was extremely hot the day he was here. He took his time, was friendly and explained everything that he was doing. I was very pleased with Alterra's performance."

Dave L., Nashville, TN

"Zachary was willing to teach me the rationale of the treatment process and answered my questions in terms I could understand. He wasted no time in starting treatment. I am amazed that I have not seen a single ant since he treated."

Hiro N., Los Angeles, CA

"Our Alterra service pro was very friendly, and showed genuine concern for the problems we are having. He also showed genuine concern for the safety of our dogs which is a huge plus in our book. Our dogs are like our kids and anyone who shows concern for their well being is awesome! I am definitely satisfied with our choice in pest control."

Mary E., San Antonio, TX

"I used another pest service for 2 and a half years and they never had the time to explain to me or hear my concerns...just the opposite of what our Alterra Service Pro, Conrad, did today. I was extremely pleased with the service provided today, not to mention the cost!"

Paulo A., St. Louis, MO

"Your Service Pro Mike, is an asset to your company. Friendly, courteous, work ethic at a high level, clean cut appearance, and trustworthy. Young people like this man are valuable to any service oriented company."

Sandra R., San Jose, CA

"Deon was awesome! He arrived early for our appt. time with a friendly smile on his face. We've had many people come to our door to offer us pest control services, but this was soooo much different. Very impressed with your company. Deon was very detail oriented. Keep up the great work!"

L. Larned, Kansas City, KS

"Lee was very nice and was a good listener regarding problems I was having with the pests indoor and outside. He was very professional and considerate. Also, the sales rep, Troy, who talked to me the day prior to establish me as a customer, was professional and I did not feel pressured by him to sign up for service."

Gupta I., Anaheim, CA

"Cam was efficient, informative, professional, and confident in his product. He explained what he would do, the results we could expect and answered the questions we had. We were pleased with the fact that there were NO ants moving anywhere outside the next morning!"

Mohamad N., Anaheim, CA

"Andrew was extremely polite and professional. He explained the procedures that he was doing clearly and listened to my concerns. Andrew is an excellent representative for Alterra, I would highly recommend him and see him going far with your company."

Sandy C., AUSTIN, TX

"Steven was right on time and very thorough inside and outside. We had a lot of wasp nests which he knocked down and treated the area so they will not return. We also had a problem with fire ants. He took care of this too. Steven pointed out some areas on the outside of the house that I need to fix and told me how. He seemed to really know his stuff. Steve was very polite, happy, funny, and informative."

Kim O., Washington D.C.

"Our Service Pro, Daniel, was EXCELLENT AND THOROUGH! I contacted Alterra about our recent wasp problem- phone customer service was pretty darn great as well :) and Daniel came prepared. He treated our home inside and out. He provided knowledgeable service, with humor, and offered excellent advice. We are extremely pleased with the service."

Linda A., Washington D.C.

"Blake was very friendly upon arrival. He explained everything in detail: the contract, services provided, and preventative measures I could take in between visits. I originally shopped around for a pest control company and settled on Alterra. What really won me over was the outstanding customer service as I talked on the phone several times with Taylor. After the initial treatment and my interaction with Blake, I am convinced that I chose the right pest control company. Thanks Alterra!"

George D., Dallas, TX

"Brian was knowledgeable and professional. Spent the time, answered every question and showed real concern. The real point here is Brian talked about what a focused and true company Alterra is. What a difference. Keep it up!"

Ronald M., Houston, TX

"The sales person as well as the service guy represent well. Everything worked out as expected."

Ken C., Houston, TX

"Very polite and considerate, impressed by the boot covers, my plumber needs to wear them!! I was most impressed by his thoroughness and reassurance that the ants should diminish and that I did a good job warding them off. I also liked the fact there was no odor. Customer service is excellent and the price is very affordable."

Elissa S., Kansas City, KS

"Chaz Brantley was very kind and friendly. He took a moment out of his job to talk to my son and also pet my cat. He was very professional and also efficient. He is a great asset to Alterra."

Gupta H., Los Angeles, CA

"I was so impressed! First of all he was on time which was wonderful! He was dressed so professionally! He was kind to my dogs and cared that everything was safe for them and me. Took the time to help me unhook the dogs automatic watering bowl since I couldn't do it. Made sure to tell me the dogs needed to keep off wet areas for 30 minutes. Very professional young man. A definite asset to your company!"

Donna F., Sacramento, CA

"Bo was very helpful and knowledgeable. He listened to my concerns about spiders and made every effort to see that I was satisfied. He smiled and was very professional and friendly. He assured me that if I had any concerns, please call and he would be happy to come out again, if needed."

Michael B., Sacramento, CA

"We were very impressed with your salesman James. We felt very much at ease in dealing with him. He is the type of person that you would feel comfortable inviting over to your home for lunch or dinner. A real gentleman!"

James R., Salt Lake City, UT

"Jarom did a wonderful job. I appreciated that he came and spoke with me directly rather than just doing the spraying, leaving the note and leaving. He took the time to make sure everything that was of concern to me was taken care of."

Dorothy E., Salt Lake City, UT

"The Service Pro was wonderfully informative, very friendly, and professional. Answered all questions. Explained program thoroughly, very enthusiastic about product, and his service. He is a splendid representative for your company. Will definitely refer friends and family!"

Jason L., San Jose, CA

"William greeted me with professionalism and a friendly smile. I stated my issues and he was able to respond with knowledge, which I truly appreciate it when a representative is knowledgeable of their product and service."

Karen R., St. Louis, MO

"My service pro, Chris, was very informative, friendly, and when I told him he should be training people he told me that he had just started. That surprised me He REALLY has a lot of knowledge and great people skills."

Virginia P., Houston, TX

"Very knowledgeable about the job. Very nice and friendly. Spent more time doing the treatment than my previous provider who was always done in just 10 minutes."

Christine D., Salt Lake City, UT

"Randy did an exceptional job, he took time to talk about the problems we have been experiencing, told what solutions were available then did everything he said would help. He worked hard for 60 minutes in 97 degree heat. He was very courteous and professional. We have used Moxie Pest Control for the past year and they never did what Randy did. He was very knowledgeable and a credit to your company."

Wooley C., Austin, TX

"Kyle and Allen were awesome. I had a really good friendship with my old Orkin guy, but these guys blew him away. Very friendly!! Plus, as an added bonus, I can already see that Kyle and I are going to have some good ribbing of each other during football season. If this is the way it's always going to be, I should have switched from Orkin along time ago."

Dan R., San Antonio, TX

"I was impressed that Gerry took a yellow exterior cleaning broom to remove spider webs and wasps nests from my home. I had never seen your competitors use such a tool before. The 20 foot handle on this thing made it easy for him to remove debris without damage to the home. Thanks!"

Pamela L., Austin, TX

"Our Service Pro was pleasant and very thorough. He explained what to expect from the ants he found in the wall of the house. He did a much more thorough job than was done by our previous company we had used for many years."

Paulo J., Anaheim, CA

"Cam serviced my house for the first time yesterday. I had a bit of a crisis with Brown Widow spiders biting my dogs. Cam was immediately responsive, and signed us up with a contract that will let my family rest at ease. Friendly, professional and knowledgeable, I will recommend Alterra to my friends & family."

Jerry, Houston, TX

"Evan was great! He explained to me what he was doing without making me feel like a layman. Very professional. Initially I was uncomfortable letting a stranger have access to my entire home, but Evan put me at ease by simply being friendly, not overly, but sincerely. The type of dude I would have a beer with... thanks for being cool."

Larry B., Washington D.C.

"William was an excellent representative for your company. He was very personable and did a very thorough job...very pleased with his work. He did much more than other reps from our previous company (Moxie Pest Control)."

Joey S., Dallas, TX

"They were sensitive my need for security with a special needs child. They made sure gates were not left open and told me exactly what they treated, and found things I had missed."

Rebecca K., Houston, TX

"Joey listened to the problem I was having. He was genuinely concerned, and had SEVERAL suggestions for how to control our pest situation. He offered extra explanations and even used DIFFERENT products to treat each problem."

Michelle G., Los Angeles, CA

"Very friendly and knowledgeable. He sprayed all throughout the house to help us take care of our problem. Since your service we have only seen a few spiders at the beginning which we were told that was normal after the first visit. Now we don't see any. Yaay! I'm happy with your service and will recommend anybody that has a pest problem."

Alice W., Salt Lake City, UT

"Valdez was very professional. He explained everything he did and what he found as he was spraying. He was able to get rid of a wasp nest and took careful consideration making sure all the cracks got sprayed."

Kathleen W., Anaheim, CA

"Gregory was very personable and knowledgeable on the process and service he performed. We were having some bug issues prior to his arrival due to our neighbor not maintaining his home. What Gregory did was spray, explain what this would prevent from entering my home, and hit it spot on. I have not had any bugs filter into my home at all. Thank you for making our home a bug-free home. Great job!"

Michael M., Salt Lake City, UT

"I really like your company's approach to pest control. I've used a lot of different companies over the years and Alterra seems to really have their act together. I especially liked the fact that the Service Pro didn't do a "wham-bam-thank you maam." He sat down with me and went over everything and asked a lot of questions to ensure he serviced everything. Trevor was a pleasure to deal with."

Donald D., Livermore, CA

"Seth was very polite and cordial. His professional attire as well as his attitude really stood out to me. He was extremely knowledgeable and able to fully answer all questions. I was pleased to have him service our home and would recommend him to others. Very well done!"

Quim C., Nashville, TN

"Mary very personable and professional. Seems to really enjoy what she's doing. We felt like we could trust in her and Alterra to do a great job with our home. It just adds confidence in that I have chosen the correct service company."

Lilly U., San Antonio, TX

"Manuel was very friendly. He took the time to listen to our concerns then addressed each one and explained how the treatment would be applied, what to expect in terms of activity and was very thorough. He had a great attitude/approach to his job."

Shaunda J., Houston, TX

"Evan was very professional in his attire, attitude and manner. With the temperatures well over 90 degrees, he still was always wearing a smile."

Donovan O., St. Louis, MO

"Chris went above and beyond at our house on Tuesday. He found our queen wasp under a fence post cap and even offered to caulk the post to kill the colony. He was very knowledgeable about the wasps and ants. Would request him again!"

Kim Y., Houston, TX

"Joey was great. He explained the entire process and what exactly happens to the ants with the products used. He made sure to spray even in the weep holes. I moved some plants and he got around the tough edges and really worked with me to ensure everything was covered. Good guy, knows his stuff."

Christina P., Washington D.C.

"Michael went above and beyond with cleaning the exterior of my home. He also took the time to explain what he was doing and how the treatment will help with pest control. My "OTHER" company didn't explain anything and just did the bare minimum. Michael did an excellent job. Thanks Mike!!!"

Erick G., Washington DC

"Jose was first welcomed by my two big, barking dogs at the front door and was very patient regarding this. He was exceptionally friendly, courteous, and professional, notifying me of what he was going to spray. He asked me if I had any current pest problems and also politely asked if he could enter through the back gate to treat. Please extend our warmest appreciation and thanks to Jose for a job well done!!!"

Courtney M., Kansas City, KS

"Lee arrived right on time, placed shoe covers on and came into our home. He was friendly and courteous. Upon leaving he explained all the areas he covered, including his placements of the silverfish treatment. Lee represents Alterra in a positive, professional manner."

Casey R., Nashville, TN

"Your service pro Jared is very professional. Checked everything outside and asked if I had any problems. Very nice young man. I am very pleased with Alterra. I have to say in the summer I had an ant problem, so I called and they were out here the very next day. How many companies are that efficient in today's world? Thank you for the outstanding service!"

Jenny M., St. Louis, MO

"Our Service Pro was friendly and asked about any problems we've had with pests. He did his job well and was very polite when handing us the bill. Since our service began we haven't seen near as many wasps as we used to. Your employee makes sure to sweep down all of their nests every time he comes to our home. Thank you so much for the excellent customer service."

Harrison W., Houston, TX

"Joey is extremely conscientious, makes a nice appearance and is always eager to please. Efficient and yet, not in a hurry. He reminds us, each time, "If you see any pests, give us a call and I will be happy to come between regular visits." Never heard my previous pest control provider say that. Joey is an asset to your company!"

Kate H., Dallas, TX

"Mark was awesome! He listened to all of my issues, was very patient and informative. Answered all of my questions in a manner that I could understand. I'd love to have him as my service person each quarter, especially since he knows how I like the house treated! Thank you for sending him! I've recommended Alterra to all my family. "

Clark W., Los Angeles, CA

"I've had many problems with silverfish with my previous pest control provider. My Alterra service pro was so good at explaining his knowledge about the silverfish and was very helpful. He was polite, kind, and made me understand how we could deal with the problem. I highly recommend Alterra to family and friends. "

Paul J., San Jose, CA

"Just had my second visit from Alterra and my service representative has been friendly and willing to spray inside my garage. I have had spider webs in my eaves for years with my former company and now I don't. Great benefit of going with Alterra. Thanks guys!"

Taylor D., Salt Lake City, UT

"He was very thorough. We weren't home when he started, but when we pulled up he came right over and asked if we had any specific problems, telling us what he had done already. He then went back and sprayed the areas where we had told him we had seen a lot of box elders beetles and he also knocked down all of the spider webs I had on the porch."

Madison D., Austin, TX

"My service pro Kyle showed up within the allotted window, an impressive 5 minutes early to make sure he was on time. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly he worked. Like a professional he also took the time to ask questions and spray some areas that I might not have thought about. Excellent service. "

Malorie B., Anaheim, CA

"Mr. Quinto, our Service Pro, did a great job working around our house and he took the time to ask me what I would like to see him do for my various types of pest problems. He took time to be sure he covered everything and I loved the fact that he swept around the eaves of the house where it is difficult for me to reach. He was very polite and would hope that he services us every service moving forward. "

Quincy Z., Livermore, CA

"Brian was friendly and professional. He explained why he was here, and asked if there was anything that required his attention. He told me what he was going to do, did it and then returned to tell me what he did. He was very thorough. When I said I was looking for the Alterra phone number to report ants in the kitchen, he immediately went to his truck and gave me a fridge magnet so that I would have the phone number ready just in case! He did a great job! "

Justin B., Dallas, TX

"Kody was very friendly and helpful. We just moved in a week ago, so boxes are everywhere which he didn't seem to mind. I also was not aware of any issues, but the A/C guy was here at the same time and discovered rat activity in the attic. Yuck! He talked to Kody for me and Kody set out traps. I have never had rodent problems, or at least I thought I didn't, and who knows how long it would have taken me to discover it. Very happy Kody was here at the same time!"

David F., Los Angeles, CA

"Scott was wonderful. He really listened to me and took the time to explain exactly what he would be doing and what the process was. We have never had a pest control service before Alterra. He answered all my questions. He is a huge asset to your company. And by the way my ants are gone now... Well Done!! "

Christina T., Salt Lake City, UT

"Mike was amazing! He was so super nice. I'd love to have him come to my house every time we have a service. He was very courteous, very kind, explained what to expect for my next service, explained what he did this service. I loved him. He was great. Hope to see him again next time!"

Rachel G., St. Louis, KS

"Derek called before he came as I requested, and he was friendly and very informative. He did the required treatment and offered me suggestions on dealing with fruit flies that have invaded my kitchen as well. Thanks for your help today Derek! "

Elaine B., Los Angeles, CA

"When your service professional came to the door he was friendly and clearly interested in what we had to say about our home, yard and pest experience. He also took the time to listen to how to operate our two yard gates and evaluate which of the two entrances provided him the best access for effective use of his equipment; more importantly he asked if we were OK with that. This man took the time to do the job right. Very impressed with Alterra."

Kelly F., St. Louis, KS

"Cody was friendly with a smile. He asked if I have seen any insects from the last month. He sprayed the inside (as asked) and outside. He also made a suggestion of moving the outside wood pile away from the house to prevent creating a pest harborage next to my home. He also explained everything he did today which was nice to know what I am getting for my money."

Katherine W., Dallas, TX

"My Service Pro was very professional...wanted to make sure I understood everything and that he had answered all of my questions. When he got here he was friendly and informative. Before the appointment I was a little apprehensive because I had been with my old service for a long time. When he left I felt very comfortable that I had made the right decision to switch to Alterra. "

Paige D., San Antonio, TX

"Our Service Pro, Frank, provided exceptional service with a smile. He explained what he was going to do and then performed a very thorough service putting my mind at ease about the scorpion we saw in the house. Excellent Service Pro and a happy guy. "

Frank A., San Jose, CA

"Our service pro Seth is very friendly, and always asks if I have any questions. My kids LOVE running around inside the house watching him work and he is very kind to them. We really like our service pro and highly recommend Seth to our neighbors!"

Elizabeth J., Salt Lake City, UT

"I do daycare and was very concerned when I found a HUGE spider outside my door. I had never seen a spider like this one before and I trapped it in a jar for the service pro to check out. He was wonderful! He calmed my fears and completely serviced the outside of my home. He treated areas I did not even consider and gave me advice about keeping the backyard from being overwatered. He also told me what types of insects would be thriving in areas that have those wet conditions. I feel comfortable in my home and am relieved that my children can enjoy our play area outside because Alterra is servicing our property! Thanks so much! "

Paul A., Los Angeles, CA

"Each Service Pro that has been out to help us with our excessive bug problems has gone above and beyond. In addition the customer service staff has been extremely friendly and helpful. I very much appreciate the call back from the Service Manager to check on our problems. At a time when Customer Service is something that has gone away in most businesses, Alterra has revived the old school ways of doing an exceptional job! We very much appreciate the efforts they have collectively put in to help solve our insect problems."

Fred S., San Jose, CA

"Ever since Alterra has performed their first spraying of pests I have not only noticed a difference in our spider, ant, cockroach problem, I have also been pleased to see a company that strives in customer service and professionalism. Each service pro that has come to my home has been polite, well groomed and wearing their uniform in an appropriate manner. They have been easy to understand and are also very knowledgeable about their work. All of your employees, on the phone and in person are very personal, nice, warm and just seem like very good people in a world where some questionable characters are working on homes these days. Alterra is a step above the rest! You let me know you are coming out, you are on time, knowledgeable, professional, and overall good Americans. Thank you!"

Sandy C., AUSTIN, TX

"Steven was right on time and very thorough inside and outside. We had a lot of wasp nests which he knocked down and treated the area so they will not return. We also had a problem with fire ants. He took care of this too. Steven pointed out some areas on the outside of the house that I need to fix and told me how. He seemed to really know his stuff. Steve was very polite, happy, funny, and informative."


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"Cam serviced my house for the first time yesterday. I had a bit of a crisis with Brown Widow spiders biting my dogs. Cam was immediately responsive, and signed us up with a contract that will let my family rest at ease. Friendly, professional and knowledgeable, I will recommend Alterra to my friends & family."
-Paulo J., Anaheim, CA